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I Got 5 Heathens

twenty one pilots


I Got 5 On It
Da Luniez

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Magix Acid 11 Screenshot - Final Mix of "Shook Storm Troopers Pt. II" by Anthony De Leon of

3 reasons to love mashups.



Composing mashups empower artists to express their creativity. They are able to take existing songs and combine them in fascinating ways. The process of finding two or more songs that fit well together and blending them seamlessly requires skill and imagination. It’s something to appreciate.



Mashup music offers a fresh take on familiar songs, which can be a welcome change from your favorite hits. By combining different genres, eras and artists, mashups can introduce you to new sounds and styles that you otherwise would have never encountered. Why not spice things up a bit?



Mashups often incorporate popular songs from different eras, which can create a sense of nostalgia. Imagine hearing a beloved song from your youth mixed with a contemporary hit. It can be a fun and sentimental experience.

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Anthony De Leon

“DJ Webmaster”

Don’t mind me! Just another amateur DJ who loves creating and sharing mixes. Also into web tech. Find me on Twitter helping those in need. I would appreciate it if you did not publish my audio mixes on other sites without my permission. Hit me up anytime. God bless you all!

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